PICCAASO’s (Partnerships for Investigations of Clouds and the biogeoChemistry of the Atmosphere in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean) mission is to amplify the scientific discovery of the many upcoming projects occurring in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean region by facilitating global collaboration and coordination. PICCASSO’s specific focus is on the scientific questions surrounding the link between biogeochemistry and atmospheric processes in this pristine region. You can read more about the initiative in our positioning paper

Over the coming years, we will be organising regular online meetings, as well as side meetings at international conferences to help facilitate the coordination and collaboration of these projects. If you’re interested in collaborating with PICCAASO scientists, subscribe to our mailing list

At the outset of this initiative, we have identified 16 long-term stations in the region, together with 21 intensive research projects, either fully funded or proposed, occurring before the end of 2025. An overview of the location and timing of these projects is shown below. Find out more about each individual project or measurement program!

Locations of long-term measurement programs (circles) and and campaigns at stationary sites (stars) and on mobile platforms (lines). Long term stations are identified by their WMO-GAW ID. Note that coverage in the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean is larger than shown due to the mobile nature of the RV Investigator (home port of Hobart shown on the map).
Timing of projects throughout the seasons. Blue colours show land-based measurements; green are mobile platforms.