Dynamics, Aerosol, Cloud and Precipitation Observations in the Pristine Environment of the Southern Ocean – in-situ

The Southern-Ocean is the most pristine environment on Earth and therefore the ideal location for studying aerosols and their interactions with clouds under pre-industrial like atmospheric conditions. Such investigations and the collected data are extremely useful for gaining a qualitative understanding of the processes controlling aerosol particles properties and sources and aerosol-cloud-turbulence interactions, as well as constraining atmospheric models. In the framework of the DACAPO-PESO project in-situ measurements of aerosol properties are carried out. Special focus is thereby on cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and ice nucleating particles (INP). The activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Universidad de Magallanes in Punta Arenas. Until November 2021, the in-situ measurements were accompanied by co-located measurements of the Leipzig Aerosol and Cloud Remote Observations System (LACROS, Radenz et al., 2021) in the frame of DACAPO-PESO.

Platform: Land station

Location: Cerro Mirador near Punta Arenas, Chile 

Timing: 2019 ongoing


  • Frank Stratmann (stratmann<@>tropos.de)