Model assisted vertical in-situ investigation of aerosols, and aerosol-cloud-turbulence interactions in the Southern Hemisphere marine boundary layer

Still, Southern-Ocean clouds are routinely misrepresented in the present generation of climate models that informed the Assessment Reports of IPCC.  A major part of this problem is our still incomplete knowledge concerning the microphysical properties (e.g. droplet size distribution) and phase state (liquid or frozen) of Southern Ocean (SO) clouds, including the combined influences of aerosol particles, boundary layer dynamics, atmospheric and cloud turbulence, and thermodynamics on these properties. To scope with this issue TROPOS, NIWA, and IMUK we plan a joint model-based “proof-of-concept” in-situ measurement campaign during Austral spring 2022. The campaign will focus on the vertical distribution of aerosol chemical composition and physical properties, turbulence and meteorological variables in the marine boundary layer at Invercargill, New Zealand. A combination of ground-based and balloon-borne measurements of aerosol, thermodynamic and turbulence properties will be carried out. The goSouth campaign will be accompanied by remote-sensing measurements, which will be conducted in the frame of the LOSTECCA project.

Platform: Land-based

Location: Southern New Zealand Invercargill Area

Timing: September / October 2022

Contact: Frank Stratmann (stratmann<@>tropos.de)