International Collaborative Exploration of the Cryosphere by Airborne Profiling-East Antarctic Grounding Line Experiment 

ICECAP-EAGLE is an existing project involving austral summer flights on the East Antarctic coastline, whereby measurements have focused on profiling of the surface using an ice-penetrating radar, laser altimetry, and airborne-expendable sensors. Additional work is being proposed to include a comprehensive aerosol, cloud, and atmospheric state instrument package to evaluate aerosol-cloud interactions in a coupled, complex Antarctic land-atmosphere-sea ice-ocean system. Specifically, observational statistics will be obtained to assess variability in the vertical structure of aerosols and clouds over the East Antarctic ice sheet, open coastline, open ocean, marginal ice zone, and pack ice. To date, this evaluation has never been achieved in East Antarctica and is exceedingly rare in the broader Antarctic region. 

Platform: AAD BT-67 Basler

Location: Flights between Davis, Dumont d-Urville and Casey

Timing: December 2022 – January 2023

Contact: Jessie Creamean (jessie.creamean<@>