Indian Scientific Expeditions to the Southern Ocean 

The main focus of the program is to understand the role and response of the southern ocean to regional and global climate variability. There are specific themes that we focus on: 

  1. Study of the interrelationship between physical, chemical, and biological elements occurring across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and their role in carbon sequestration and biogeochemistry. 
  2. Investigations on the air-sea-ice interaction and to understand the role of anthropogenic aerosols over the southern ocean. 
  3. Implications of thermohaline variations in the southern ocean and the repercussion of heat and mass exchange between tropics and Polar Regions on biogeochemistry. 
  4. Reconstruction of the paleoenvironmental conditions for selected time slices during the last glacial-interglacial cycles to provide perspectives on future climate change. 
  5. To generate relevant/critical sea truth and atmospheric data for contributing to global climate data sets for the prediction of climate models to mitigate/regulate climate change.

Platform: RV SA Agulhas II

Location: East Antarctic voyage

Timing: December – March every 2 years (e.g. 2022/23, 2024/25, etc)


  • Anil Kumar (anil<@>
  • Anoop Sharad Mahajan (anoop<@>