Lidar Observations of SpatioTEmporal Contrasts in Clouds and Aerosols

LOSTECCA is conducted jointly with the goSouth experiment. Focus of LOSTECCA is to perform continuous measurements with the multi-wavelength polarimetric lidar system PollyXT (Engelmann et al., 2016) . Based on the observations, the temporal evolution of the vertical structure of aerosol and clouds will be characterized and the relationship of cloud macro- and microphysical properties to the properties of the surrounding aerosol and water vapor fields will be investigated. The lidar observations will enable remote-sensing-based closure studies of cloud-relevant aerosol properties (concentrations of ice nucleating particles and cloud condensation nuclei) with the number concentration of cloud droplets and the occurrence of the ice phase within the observed clouds. Given the rich in-situ instrumentation of the co-located GoSouth instruments, the retrievals can be thoroughly evaluated against the in-situ observations. The results obtained in Invercargill will be evaluated against similar datasets from other (northern hemisphere) regions to obtain new insights into the causes and effects of inter-hemispheric contrasts in aerosol and cloud properties.

Platform: Land-based

Location: Southern New Zealand Invercargill Area

Timing: September / October 2022

Contact: Patric Seifert (seifert<@>tropos.de)


  • Engelmann et al., 2016: https://amt.copernicus.org/articles/9/1767/2016/