Southern oCean seAsonaL Experiment

Model simulations tend to overestimate the magnitude and miss the timing of the Southern Ocean seasonal cycle. SCALE is a novel interdisciplinary experiment that spans seasonal to decadal time scales in the south east Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. SCALE contributes both long-term and experimental observations towards a greater understanding of the role of fine scale dynamics in shaping the phasing and magnitude of the Southern Ocean seasonal cycle through novel integrated ship and robotics experiments. Air-sea-ice fluxes are a key scientific theme of SCALE. The exchange of gases, aerosols, heat and momentum is a key factor influencing long-term climate variability and trends. These fluxes are critical to understanding the links between carbon and climate, aerosols and albedo and the influence of terrestrial particles on ocean biogeochemistry.

Platform: RV SA Agulhas II

Location:  Good Hope line from Cape Town to Pengiun Bukta

Timing: January – February 2022


  • Katye Altieri (katye.altieri<@>
  • Anoop Sharad Mahajan (anoop<@>