Variation of Antarctic Cloud Condensation (CCN) and Ice Nucleating Particle (INP) concentrations and properties at Neumayer Station III 

In this project TROPOS extends the existing aerosol measurements at Neumayer station III by in-situ Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) and Ice Nucleating Particles (INP) measurements. The captured data such as number concentrations, hygroscopicity, INP freezing spectra etc. will be linked with meteorological information (e.g. back trajectories) and information on the chemical composition of the prevailing aerosol particles for identifying sources of INP and CCN over the full annual cycle. A result of this project will be a deeper understanding which processes dominate the CCN and INP population in high latitudes. The activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Alfred Wegener Institute.

Platform: Land-based

Location: Neumayer station III, Antarctica, 70.67°S, 8.27°W, 40 m a.s.l

Timing: January 2019 – March 2022

Contact: Silvia Henning (henning<@>